Adventures in Chocoland

A chapter from Mama, tell me a story: A collection of short bedtime stories for children

Freddy brushed his teeth and hopped into his bed. “Mama, tell me a story,” he requested. Freddy loved listening to bedtime stories and would instantly fall asleep.

Freddy’s mother sat beside him, brushed his hair and opened his favourite storybook — Adventures in Chocoland. As she was narrating the story, she saw Freddy fall asleep.

As Freddy slept, he saw a massive gate made of chocolate. He peeped through the gate and was stunned to see a chocolate fountain. In excitement, he opened the gate and ran inside. As he was about to dip his fingers in the chocolate fountain, he heard a voice.

“Freddy,” the voice said. “Welcome to Chocoland. Would you like me to show you around this magical place?”

Freddy turned around and saw an old man with a long white beard wearing a long blue coat. Freddy quickly replied, “Yes sir!”

The old man pulled out a flying carpet that was made of Chocolate. He said, “Freddy, hop on this carpet and I’ll show you all of Chocoland.”

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Excited about the offer, Freddy hopped on. The magic chocolate carpet slowly took off and carefully flew around.

Freddy saw a majestic chocolate castle where the King and the Queen of Chocoland lived. He saw a chocolate cow, a chocolate sheep, and a chocolate dog. He also saw a chocolate bridge connecting two sides of the land and a chocolate river flowing beneath.

Freddy was tempted to eat all the chocolate he could see but he knew he wouldn’t be able to finish it all. The old man saw Freddy’s fondness towards chocolate and thought he should gift the young boy something.

While returning, the old man asked his chocolate carpet to stop by the fluffy chocolate clouds. He then grabbed some of the clouds, wrapped it around a chocolate stick and gave it to Freddy. Freddy was very happy to receive this sweet treat.

Soon after that, Freddy, the old man, and the flying carpet landed near the chocolate fountain. Freddy got off the carpet and ran around the fountain enjoying every bite of his chocolate candy floss. After his excitement drizzled down, he realized that the old man and the flying chocolate carpet weren’t there anymore. He ran around looking for them but couldn’t see them anywhere.

“Freddy, my son,” he heard a familiar voice. “Wake up, it’s morning.”

It was Freddy’s mother. Freddy couldn’t believe it was morning already! Freddy had so much fun in Chocoland and told his mother all about his adventures.

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A picture of the book cover — Mama, tell me a story.
A picture of the book cover — Mama, tell me a story.
Download ‘Mama, tell me a story’ from

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